Vine artificial HEDGE

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Opt for an artificial hedge if you want to delineate a space, an area or just bring a touch of greenery to a wall. The artificial hedge will not require any special maintenance and is very easy to install.

Features of Vine artificial HEDGE

Reference : 10211-71

Height : 180 cm

Width : 20 cm

Length : 135 cm

Color : GREEN

Trunk : WOOD

Foliage : TERGAL

Original pot : WITHOUT


Weight : 10,19 kg

Details of artificial vine | artificial hedge | vert espace

Vine Hedge, artificial plant, artificial with a structure in Canes of Bamboo, Wooden Base, Length 122cm, Width 20cm and Height 5cm, Foliage : large sheet of diameter 15cm, average leaf diameter of 12cm and a small sheet of diameter 5cm.

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