Vert Espace on InstagramYou can find Vert espace on instagram...Photos of the products put in situation or current products ("green artificial plant space")

Catalog Vert Espace The new V10 catalog has been released. Feel free to ask our sales team at :

You can also download it directly from your computer (in the download section, in the menu, at the top of the homepage of the site)

 Logo Vert Espace Find on our home page to facilitate your research, in the top menu bar, the family of "plant walls". You will find directly all the products in our range that are used to make your plant walls, but also, simply the walls "ready to use", or models of walls made in our workshops.

Display Vert EspaceOn all the pages of the site, discover the new display mode "list": this will allow you to see directly from the first page of the family of the desired product, its reference, its size and price (if you are logged in).

PDF Vert Espace Find on the homepage, at the top of the menu, the tab "Download" You will be able to download the new "pdf" products that go outside.


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