Artificial boxwood branch green 45 cm

This high-end artificial branch can be pricked into a polystyrene plate with other products of this kind to create, for example, an artificial green wall. We can also match this foliage with flowers to make a bouquet or even assemble it to a natural trunk, and thus obtain a tree...semi natural, which will not require any maintenance! Opt for a product that will bring greenery all year round.

Caractéristiques de l'Artificial BOXWOOD RED DAY UV SPRAY

Reference : 5305-UV71

Height : 45 cm

Width : 15 cm

Color : GREEN

Foliage : PE UV

Original pot : WITHOUT

Universe : OUTSIDE

Weight : 0,07 kg

Détails du artificial boxwood branch green 45 cm

BOXWOOD RED DAY Artificial UV SPRAY, composed of 4 branches whose stems are armed, the stake measures 22cm. Suitable for outdoor use. UV resistance guarantee: 2000 hours (hours of sunshine) or about 2 years.

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