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Synthetic turf has been selected with the greatest care to stay in the spirit of Vert Espace, namely: "a high artificial turf of the nearest natural range". Here you will find synthetic turf density Green 30 or 40 mm, treated anti-UV, or grass "putting" 16 mn for more specific needs, club type of golf and events at grand crossing... Synthetic turf became a must today, when natural grass can't grow. It is a trend product to decorate terraces, balconies, gardens, arround pool, entrance doors of a house or to build a vegetal wall without worrying about regular maintenance. You will find our artificial turf, roll or sod .

In this family, you will find also few decorative objects in relation to nature...(fruits, plastic frog synthetic...) but also equipments necessary to install your turf or products to clean your artificial plants.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 21 items
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