Grass eco artificial 15 mm


Reference : 2241-71

Height : 1.5 cm

Width : 200 cm

Length : 1200 cm

Color : vert 4 TONS

Foliage : PE

Original pot : WITHOUT

Universe : OUTSIDE

Weight : 1,47 kg

GRASS eco 15mm, roll of 2m wide by 12m long, the price is per m2 Color: Green, 4 tones; Height: 15 mm; Fiber: Polyethylene; Thickness of the strand (DTEX): 5500-strand rights, 3300 strands curves; Structure : Double filament 4 U color; Density: 13650 strands/m2; Weight: 1451g±10% (gr/m2); Gauge (distance between rows): : 3/8 inch; Nodes per ml : 130; Mat : Polypropylene + latex; Warranty UV: 10 years; Strength : 45N Permeability (l/m2/min) : 70.

This synthetic turf / artificial grass will perfectly fit your decor and bring a touch of greenery in your environment. This synthetic turf / artificial grass of high quality and very realistic does not require any special maintenance and has a long shelf life. Opt for a synthetic turf / artificial grass that will provide you with greenery all year long.

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