40cm Green Artificial Yucca

The yucca is a desert plant, enjoying warm regions and dry air. The artificial yucca, an artificial plant outdoor, is highly prized in decoration when you want to add a touch of exoticism to your environment. This high quality artificial plant outdoor will require very little maintenance. Don’t wait any longer to adopt an artificial yucca, artificial plant outdoor, and give a holiday atmosphere to your spaces!

Caractéristiques de l'YUCCA Artificial ROSTRATA

Reference : 14601-71

Variante :

Height : 40 cm

Width : 30 cm

Color : GREEN

Foliage : PE

Original pot : PVC

Universe : OUTSIDE

Weight : 1,91 kg

Détails du 40cm green artificial yucca

YUCCA ROSTRATA Artificial, with a wingspan of 30cm, the pot has a diameter of 15.5 cm and a height of 13cm.

Accessories for 40cm Green Artificial Yucca

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