Green artificial Boxwood hedge 120 cm in black pot

The artificial boxwood hedge can serve as a breeze or can enclose a space such as a swimming pool, a garden, a terrace ... The artificial hedge will not require you to carry out regular maintenance. In addition, the artificial boxwood hedge is very easy to install.

Caractéristiques du BOXWOOD HEDGE NEW Artificial BALCONNIERE

Reference : B004

Height : 120 cm

Width : 25 cm

Length : 100 cm


Foliage : PE

Original pot : BALCONNIERE

Universe : OUTSIDE

Weight : 30,00 kg

Détails du green artificial boxwood hedge 120 cm in black pot

The BUIS HEDGE NEW STRUCTURE MÉTAL (ref. 10294-71) is assembled in a black balcony box 100x25x25. The height can be variable from 1M05 to 1M20 (to be specified when ordering). This set can be made with a different bin depending on our range. This composition is made in our workshops in France to order.

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