Gray Fiberstone window box 100 cm long and 40 cm wide

Caractéristiques du BALCONY FIBER 100 GREY

Reference : FINE1003040G

Variante :

Height : 40 cm

Width : 30 cm

Length : 100 cm

Color : GRIS

Weight : 21,00 kg

Détails du gray fiberstone window box 100 cm long and 40 cm wide

BALCONY FIBER can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is frost and UV resistant. The natural look of fiberstone is obtained by mixing natural stone powder and fibreglass resin. The natural colour may vary slightly from one batch to the next, and may also change with time and weathering. Please note the internal dimensions: length 93 cm and width 24 cm. The balcony planter has a removable double base with a useful height of 16 cm above the ground. 

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