SYNGONIUM *9 Artificial

Artificial Syngonium variegated color 40 cm

The artificial syngonium will fit perfectly into your decoration and will bring a green touch to the environment. This high quality and very realistic artificial plant does not require any special maintenance and has a long lifespan. Choose an artificial plant with variegated foliage that will provide you with greenery all year round.

Caractéristiques du SYNGONIUM *9 Artificial

Reference : 25247-71

Height : 40 cm

Width : 30 cm

Color : PLUME

Foliage : TERGAL

Original pot : WITHOUT

Universe : TROPICAL

Weight : 0,10 kg

Détails de l'artificial syngonium variegated color 40 cm

SYNGONIUM MINI CHUTE 80 Artificial, with a 5 cm stake and 12 reinforced rods.

Accessories for Artificial Syngonium variegated color 40 cm

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