50 cm green artificial Schefflera pot

This high-end artificial plant has a very realistic foliage thanks to its unique texture. It can be placed both indoors and outdoors. The foliage is available on several products to allow you to create matching landscape environments. Opt for a product that will bring you greenery all year round.

Caractéristiques de l'Artificial SCHEFFLERA POT PLAST 50 UV

Reference : 21454-UV71

Height : 50 cm

Width : 40 cm

Color : GREEN

Trunk : PVC

Foliage : PE UV

Original pot : PVC

Universe : OUTSIDE

Weight : 0,68 kg

Détails du 50 cm green artificial schefflera pot

SCHEFFLERA POT PLAST 50 Artificial UV, composed of armed stems. At the base a PVC pot with a diameter of 11cm and a height of 10cm. UV resistance guarantee: 2000 hours (hours of sunshine) or about 2 years. Suitable for outdoor use. The original pot must be pierced to allow the water to drain. It must be attached to the decorative tray by creating a drainage to prevent any stagnation of water at the foot of the plant.

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