700cm Green Curved Artificial Coconut Tree

Caractéristiques de l'Artificial COCONUT CURVE NEW

Reference : 16249-71

Variante :

Height : 700 cm

Width : 380 cm

Color : GREEN


Foliage : TERGAL

Original pot : PLATINE

Universe : TROPICAL

Weight : 145,60 kg

Détails du 700cm green curved artificial coconut tree

COCONUT CURVE NEW Artificial 7m, Trunk height 4m70, Trunk diameter at the bottom 28 cm and at the top 20cm, Head height 1m, Height of the fins (once mounted) from 130 to 170 cm depending on their positioning, a total height of about 7m. Number of fins : 21 to fit (7 of 170 cm and 14 of 210 cm in length). Wingspan: 3m80. Plate of 100 x 100 cm with 4 holes at the 4 corners of diameter 2 cm to 2 cm from the edges. Be at least 4 people to handle it or be equipped with lifting and handling equipment. 

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