Artificial grass in green wall plaque

The artificial grass in Space Green plate has been selected with the greatest care to offer you a high-end product as close as possible to natural. Artificial grass is a trendy product to decorate your environment (balconies, terrace...). In addition, the artificial grass is easily laid for a perfectly natural look!

Caractéristiques de l'ARTIFICIAL GRASS PLATE 50*50

Reference : 6318

Height : 4 cm

Width : 50 cm

Length : 50 cm

Color : GREEN

Foliage : PE UV

Universe : OUTSIDE

Weight : 0,66 kg

Détails de l'artificial grass in green wall plaque

ARTIFICIAL GRASS PLATE 50*50, composed of 4 plastic bases of 25x25cm hung between it. Suitable for outdoor use. UV resistance guarantee: 3000 hours (hours of sunshine) or about 2 years.

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