65cm Green Artificial Boxwood Ball with Potted Trunk

Features of Artificial BOXWOOD RED DAY UV BALL

Reference : 11534-UV71

Variante :

Height : 65 cm

Width : 50 cm

Color : GREEN

Trunk : WOOD

Foliage : PE UV

Original pot : PVC

Universe : OUTSIDE

Diameter : 50

Weight : 4,53 kg

Details of 65cm green artificial boxwood ball with potted trunk

Artificial RED DAY UV BALL BOXWOOD, made of PE with a diameter of 50cm, wooden trunk, Height of the trunk between the bottom of the ball and before the pot: 12cm, Height between the bottom of the ball to the pot (ground): 23cm. At the base a PVC pot of height 9cm and diameter 11cm. The original pot must be pierced to allow the water to drain. It must be attached to the decorative tray by creating a drainage to prevent any stagnation of water at the foot of the plant. Suitable for outdoor use. UV resistance guarantee: 2000 hours (hours of sunshine) or about 2 years.

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