Artificial ARTOCARPUS ALTILIS (bread tree)

Artificial Artocarpus Altilis (breadfruit) green 100 cm

Caractéristiques de l'Artificial ARTOCARPUS ALTILIS (bread tree)

Reference : 23496-71

Height : 100 cm

Width : 90 cm

Color : GREEN

Trunk : WOOD

Foliage : TERGAL

Original pot : PVC

Universe : TROPICAL

Weight : 3,40 kg

Détails de l'artificial artocarpus altilis (breadfruit) green 100 cm

ARTOCARPUS ALTILIS (bread tree) 100 CM Artificial, composed of a wooden trunk and two PVC stems, with 31 leaves of different sizes: the small leaves measure 27x17cm and the large leaves 38x30cm, a height under foliage of 32cm, at the base a PVC pot with diameter 13cm and height 12cm.

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