Ficus artificial GEANT

Large green artificial Ficus 380 cm

The artificial ficus, of tropical origin, belongs to the category of the artificial tree. It is very popular in interior decoration when you want to add a touch of greenery. The appearance of this artificial tree can be different depending on its foliage. This high-end quality artificial tree that we offer you will require very little maintenance. Do not wait any longer to adopt an artificial ficus and give a holiday atmosphere to your spaces, thanks to the originality of its vines!

Features of Ficus artificial GEANT

Reference : 11311-71

Variante :

Height : 380 cm

Width : 150 cm

Color : GREEN

Trunk : WOOD

Foliage : TERGAL

Original pot : WOOD

Universe : TROPICAL

Weight : 73,39 kg

Details of large green artificial ficus 380 cm

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