FICUS Artificial GIANT TRUNK 2 PARTS (Post Cover)

Features FICUS Artificial GIANT TRUNK 2 PARTS (Post Cover)

Reference : 11888-71

Height : 370 cm

Width : 370 cm

Color : GREEN


Foliage : TERGAL

Original pot : WITHOUT

Universe : TROPICAL

Weight : 61,60 kg

FICUS GIANT TRUNK 2 PARTS (Post Cover). This Ficus can be installed around a round pole of diameter 40 cm or a square pole of 32 cm on the side. Total height of the trunk: 290 cm, height of the 1st branches = 265 cm, height under foliage about 240 cm. Average outer diameter of the trunk = 56 cm. 2 half-trunks to assemble, then 8 branches to assemble : 4 main and 4 secondary. The main trunk is made of fiberglass and the branches are made of natural wood. 

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