Artificial bamboo

The bamboo or Bambuseae of the family of the grass grows naturally in tropical and temperate environments. Widely used throughout the world as an ornamental plant, but also as a building material and nutritious food for certain animal species. Roots or underground stems and leaves compound called rhizomes.

bambou artificiel

Why choose artificial bamboo?

Natural bamboo is often considered an invasive plant, the rhizomes are often sources of neighbourhood conflict. By opting for artificial bamboo It is the assurance of a successful vegetable effect. To liven up a terrace or a balcony with a decorative plant-based artificial bamboo (potted or grouped in the form of bushy hedge), or you protect eyes while preserving the natural light through its variegated leaves. With artificial bamboo, you may select your height, the number of cannes as well as the color. Indoor and outdoor, artificial bamboo will make office decoration carefree maintenance or watering. Artificial bamboo does not lose its leaves.Examples of use of artificial bamboo

Artificial bamboo can be used in various forms as for example:

-Separating two spaces with a hedge of artificial bamboo and bring a touch of zen instead.

-Decorate a balcony or terrace with potted bamboo of different sizes.

-Recreate an oriental universe through an assortment of giant bamboo and large rods.

Artificial bamboo in Vert Espace

Vert Espace strives to offer professionals of artificial potted bamboo realistic and quality. Classic bamboo and bamboo green rods passing through the black bamboo, bamboo Buddha or bamboo giantour catalogue of trees and plants will let you that embarrassment of choice. Faithful imitations of real bamboo, artificial plants combine in all sizes and in all the shades of colors.

In 25 years, Vert Espace has become the inescapable artificial bamboo French market leader but also of the artificial plant and on behalf of numerous clients landscapers, decorators, designers, garden centres and traders to distance.  As a manufacturer and importer we sell artificial plants wholesale in France but also in England, in Spain, in the Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, and in many other countries around the world. For more information: