The artificial tree

If you are looking for artificial trees, you will be served!

A range of trees and artificial shrubs

Green space offers on its site a range of artificial trees such as artificial palm trees, artificial bamboo, artificial boxwood, oak and plane trees, olive artificial trees, artificial Christmas trees, flowering trees, and other artificial hurdles. Mixture of trunks and natural branches and well away from the vulgar plastic tree, our artificial trees top of range and artificial decorative shrubs are also composed of fiberglass and composite materials for a faithful to natural trees effect.

Choose its artificial tree

Make the choice of one or more artificial trees is not simple. In fact your purchase will be conditioned by the locations of your artificial tree, but also of the available space. Our selection offers trees of all sizes ranging from 20 cm to the boxwood and artificial bonsai to heights exceeding 7 metres for our Oaks, Palm trees and artificial bamboo. Ideal in the halls of home with high ceilings, the artificial tree does not require maintenance. New trend, some artificial trees are also outdoors as are weather resistant.

Associate artificial tree and artificial plants

Need an artificial decorative plant? The alliance of artificial plants and trees you guaranteed a natural effect of the most successful on a chosen topic. Give a Mediterranean accent to your interior decoration combining artificial trees such as olive trees and orange trees with artificial bamboo hedges and an assortment of plants flowering without maintenance. Unless the journey is honored through tropical artificial trees such as palmiers or banana related to other varieties of artificial shrubs.

Artificial trees in green space

In 25 years, Vert Espace has become the indispensable leader on the French market of the artificial tree but also of synthetic turf and on behalf of numerous clients landscapers, decorators, designers, garden centres and traders to distance. As a manufacturer and importer we sell the synthetic turf wholesale in France, but in England, in Spain, in the Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, and in many other countries around the world.

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