The artificial plant

Artificial plants are increasingly find in places or a vegetable key is necessary, without for as much as he do need special maintenance. Contrary to received the artificial plant is becoming more realistic and for certain varieties like orchids, artificial bamboo, the boxwood or herbs the resemblance with the natural herb is bluffing.

What uses for an artificial plant

Used by many decorators and landscape, but also sold by florists, e-merchants, the artificial green plant will be able to decorate your interiors as exteriors. So your home business, halls expectations and patios halls will be highlighted through a 'natural' button. Very convenient to use, transport and installation.

Vert Espace gives some examples of use.

  • Give a southern accent to your planters and pots with our artificial type cacti and succulent plants. No maintenance is necessary, and especially our cactus do not sting!
  • Separate spaces through a set of plants such as our artificial grasses, reeds, papyrus and tall grass. Much of artificial plants are supplied with a PVC pot in order to facilitate their implementation.
  • Dare the artificial color with our range of plants guaranteed without maintenance as the Anthurium, Asplenium, Amaryllis, Croton, Geranium, hydrangea and other Dracaena. You can also lend an air of undergrowth in your verandas with our range of ferns, mosses and artificial Ivy. For larger areas, the bullet will be may be to use our different varieties of herbs in plate.
  • Decorate your walls, mezzanine and gateways using our artificial falls as the Ampelopsis, Glycine or Ivy.

The artificial Orchid à l'Honneur

The Orchid, which today has more than 25000 species, is also available as artificial. This plant will have the advantage to keep its beautiful colors throughout the year. The coated Tergal is used on this type of artificial plant closer to closer to its natural appearance.

Artificial plants in Vert Espace

Vert Espace has prepared a range of artificial plants as with cacti and Succulents, grasses and other papyrus. Many other artificial green plants are also parts of our selection. Unless your choice turns to an artificial plant flowers such as orchids.

If our range of plants does not match your expectations, we also offer artificial bamboo.

In 25 years, Vert Espace has become the indispensable leader in the French of the artificial plant market but also of the artificial tree and on behalf of numerous clients landscapers, decorators, designers, garden centres and traders to distance.  As a manufacturer and importer we sell artificial trees wholesale in France, but also in England, in Spain, in the Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, and in many other countries around the world.

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