The Christmas tree artificial, is a good alternative

The artificial Christmas tree is a very good alternative to fir trees natural. It does not lose its thorns, is still green or the color that we chose and may be used time from one year to the other without any problem. It is also possible to decorate it well before Christmas and leave it for all the holidays for that small benefit as well as the entire family. In general, this christmas tree is perfectly imitated and even get close to some and touching to see that they are made of synthetic material. All of these fir trees have great advantages : they can reuse the years to come, easy storage, often because they are foldable, less dangerous than the real, often because they are treated against fire and are very clean because they do not lose the thorns.

A Christmas tree more true than ever

Some professionals make fir a very high quality and these latter are more durable. Thus, if we take for example a spruce canadian, it seems more true that nature. Its foliage is a green between the grass and the clear. It has a trunk brown, and the spines are so similar that it is necessary to touch them to realize that they are false. The branches are multi-directional and thus it is easy to decorate. This spruce canada has a trunk light brown and is more true-to-life and gives the tree an air of elegant. It is practical and functional. As it has been manufactured in an artisanal way, the spines of the two tones, make him a perfect imitation of those found in nature. It is possible to find "nature" ready to decorate or version lit with led lamps which save energy while providing an intense light perfect for the holidays of end of the year.

A rare elegance

If you prefer the Christmas tree Nordman , who is one of the most beautiful conifers of the world, then you will not be disappointed by ordering this artificial fir more true that nature. Its spines, dark green and silver on top make it very realistic. Thanks to a mixture of True Needle and needles conventional. In the world, the Nordman is the most popular. We recognize it immediately because it is chunky and has a unique green. He is a native of Germany, the United Kingdom and it is also found along the mountains at the edge of the Black sea. The imitation is perfect with the natural tree. The needles are a little curved, and the silver-sr it. As the spikes are very dense, they give a little bit of weight at the end of the branches, which give it an air of conical and comes to look like as two drops of water to the models that are in the nature. This tree is the best seller in homes for the holidays thanks to its elegance and its air of celebration. It is easily décorable and exists in a large number of dimensions.

A beautiful imitation

The douglas fir tree artificial located a little everywhere. It imitates to perfection the trees in nature that are found in nature. Its shape is narrow and few go in any corner of hune housing and is therefore suitable for small spaces. In addition, this fir is often foldable and you can adjust the branches to give it a nice shape. At the start, attached to the trunk, they are very easily in place. Its branches are treated as "flame-retardante" so it is quite secure if he has a source of heat close to him. You can decorate it easily with a garland electric to LED. The height of this tree can vary from one meter four came to the two meters ten, and four hundred and forty-four branches and a diameter of 94 cm on the ground. It is more common than the other two specimens developed the highest but less expensive too.

So here are three types of fir artificial for Christmas but there are still a lot of variety. Some are even hand mounted. You can make your choice and although they are all very similar to the real models, no one exudes the smell of a real christmas tree that we have experienced during our childhood.