Synthetic turf

Lawn maintenance, what a pain! Have you thought about artificial turf?

Long shunned by followers of natural synthetic turf is now the best way to get the surfaces of grass trend outdoors as indoors without any maintenance.

Synthetic turf is not a carpet!

Exit preconceived ideas about artificial 1990s turf, in green space we took care of select synthetic turf top range for professional use. Away from the green carpet it comes in several colors, heights of cuts and density. Pleasant to the touch it is the perfect way to create surfaces of lawn maintenance at a glance. Increasingly innovative our lawns Maintenon have a U-shaped bit which allows him to recover instantly after having been walked.

Synthetic grass in plate or roll?

Synthetic turf comes in 2 great families, to meet different use cases.

Synthetic turf roll

Generally offered in rolls of 12 meters long and 2 meters wide, the artificial turf roll meets requirements landscapers to cover large surfaces such of the greens of golf courses, gardens, swimming pool borders and large terraces. Unroll, cut, nail, or paste, it is! Synthetic turf of polyethylene will easily replace a natural grass in places little sunny or too dry. In Vert Espace you will appreciate the quality at Chambon Maintenon or or grass synthetic turf Putting touchdown.

The synthetic sod

This type of artificial grass is a contrast to the development of smaller surfacess. its implementation is different from the laying of the turf roll car lighter handling and faster to assemble. All our synthetic turfs are resistant to UV rays, that their guaranteed maintenance of their near original of the natural color. Our range of plates upright from 25 to 70 cm. This type of grass is ideal for reduced surfaces the shop window, door bins, planters. If you are a professional event, our range of sod facilitate you receptions decorations or create wall plant.

Maintenance for a green turf throughout the year

Farewell the Clipper, pesticides and weekly waterings, synthetic turf without filling requires no maintenance similar to natural grass. But beware, it is advisable to water it for cleaning or cool in areas of frequent and also the vacuum's brush regularly to meet the turf fibers and ensure optimum drainage.

The Council of Vert Espace professionals

With 20 years of experience in the sale of synthetic turf, our teams of consultants will accompany you for the installation, use and maintenance of your products. The collection of leaves in the fall is often one of the first actions of maintenance. Unless you have artificial trees around.

Vert Espace has become the market leader in essential French artificial grass but artificial Christmas tree and on behalf of numerous clients landscapers, decorators, designers, garden centres and traders to distance. As a manufacturer and importer we sell the synthetic turf wholesale in France, but England, EspAgne, in Portugal, in Switzerland, in Belgium, as well as in many other countries around the world.

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