100cm Green Artificial Bamboo Palisade

Opt for an artificial bamboo hedge if you want a breeze or fence off a space such as a swimming pool, a garden, a terrace ... The artificial hedge will not require you any maintenance to be carried out regularly. In addition, the artificial bamboo hedge is very easy to install.

Features of Artificial BAMBOO PALISADE

Reference : 6353

Height : 100 cm

Width : 200 cm

Color : GREEN

Foliage : PE UV

Universe : OUTSIDE

Weight : 3,49 kg

Details of 100cm green artificial bamboo palisade

BAMBOO Artificial PALISADE, non-fixed extendable wooden palisade possibility of varying the size. Folded palisade: 40cm in length and 135cm in height, if open to 180cm in length then 110cm in height. Suitable for outdoor use. UV resistance guarantee: 3000 hours (hours of sunshine) or about 2 years.

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